Stoneleigh and Ashow Joint Parish Councillors


Please note that all queries to the Parish Council should be made to the Clerk in the first instance.


Richard Hancox (Chairman)                                                    John Astle

8 Stoneleigh Close                                                                  The Corner House

Stoneleigh                                                                              Home Farm

Coventry                                                                                 Stoneleigh Abbey

CV8 3DE                                                                                 CV8 2LF

02476 693819 or 07770 826310                                             01926 850413                                       



Mrs Diana Jack                                                                       Anthony Bianco

Colonels Cottage                                                                     The Barnyard                                                      

toneleigh Abbey                                                                    Crewe Lane

CV8 2LF                                                                                   Kenilworth                                                     CV8 2LA



Mrs Sarah Williams

Field House


Kenilworth  CV8 2LE

We currently have a vacancy for a Councillor to represent Ashow. For more information, click here.


Representation on external local public bodies

Stoneleigh Village Hall & Playing Fields Trust  - Cllr R Hancox

Trustees of the Stoneleigh United Charities    -   Cllr R Hancox


Register of Councillor's Interests

To view the register of interests for Councillors at Stoneleigh Parish Council please click on the link below to view the documents on the Warwick District Council Website: